Clean water is a goal for many Americans. Mindfulness is a practice of directing your attention to what is happening right now with an attitude of acceptance towards yourself and your experience. It is a practice that can be cultivated by paying attention to your breath or thoughts, without actively engaging with thinking. It can also be an active practice, being mindful of how you drink your tea, how you wash your face. It gives space from the habitual states of preoccupation with memories, planning, worries or fantasies. It is being present on purpose. Practice strengthens the effects. With practice it means we can react in more appropriate ways to the world as we gain more control over our actions in response to our emotions. Benefits of mindfulness:
  • Increases focus
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Increases emotional resilience
  • Improves mental and emotional coping
  • Increases ability to be in the moment
  Aoife is available to teach mindfulness classes in groups, corporate and one to one. Contact her on 0868421400 for more information.